We are excited to announce
with a paid gym membership.

We have an AWESOME new instructor in Childress, Amber. She has been involved in fitness her entire life from cheerleading and dance to running in major races. She is married and has three beautiful children. She understands the struggle to balance life and fitness.... She has great exciting new classes and great new spins on old classes.. She will be offering her class on Mondays at 4:15pm.
Again, with a paid membership your aerobics are FREE and only $5 per/class if you are not a F3 FITNESS FREAK..

Excitement is in the air....F3-Dumas is open for business and ready for you to join. We offer an amazing facility with all the conveniences of a "so-called BIG GYM" in the luxury of a few blocks down the road.

I would like you to come and meet the staff and aerobic instructors in Dumas. They are great and friendly and eager to help you. We are now offering many different classes during the week and would love to see you there.
We offer a PILATES class taught by GENEVA. She has been teaching PILATES for a couple of years and is excited about the possibilty to help women and/or men become healthy in more ways than just PILATES and FITNESS. Her class is scheduled for
Tuesdays and Thursday at 5:45 - 6:30 pm.
If spinning is the class for you than come on down to F3!!! On Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm will be offering the SPINNING class with instructor Alicia. She is excited to take you on a ride of your life. Work those extra pounds off, while having a fun time doing it.
And if you just want an overall FULL BODY workout....then GUTS is for you. "GUTS" stands for Guys and/or Gals Undoing The Stress. Gabe is excited about showing and pushing you to that next level. His class will change-up from time to time just to keep it fresh. GUTS is on the schedule for Thursdays at 6:30pm (and possibly adding a class on Monday).

And if you don't have the luxury of a great F3... then I am trying to personally help you. I, Stephanie Tucker, owner of F3, is now offering aerobic and workout classes for the towns of Claude, Groom, and Panhandle. At this time, we offer an early class on Tuesdays at 5am (Armstrong Activity Center), Wednesdays at 6pm (Groom HS Music Room) and Thursday nights at 6pm (Armstrong Activity Center). The classes range from HI-LO to Kickboxin' to STEP to Pilates to YOGA Booty Ballet to SERIOUS CIRCUITS to
our NEW class..........ZUMBA.

If you have any questions, please come by F3 or call us or email us any questions or concerns or comments.
if you are in the Childress area - call (940) 937-3330 or email us at
if you are in the Dumas area - call (806) 934-4405 or email us at
or if you are interested in the aerobic classes - call (806) 231-9620 or email us at
We are excited about the new possibilities that we have to offer all our
Bring in the NEW YOU!
F3.....because FITNESS should be FUN!


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