It is hard to start a NEW LIFE CHANGE when it comes to DIET and WORKING OUT....
here are some things that might help....

  • Don't deny yourself - If you like ice some....either have a smaller amount than you usually have....or find a healthier substitute......I love DRYERS slow has 1/2 the calories....and takes GREAT...

  • CHOOSE wisely - Don't feel up on empty calories - Candy has empty calories...but exchange it for a ORGANIC apple, string cheese (did you know that Sonic has string cheese....can't say you can't get a quick snack)

  • EAT - Food is Fuel for your got to your portions....make a fist.....that should be a serving size.....You should have a serving of - COMPLEX CARBS, PROTEIN, FRUIT AND VEGGIES..... 5-6 times a day.....that sounds like a lot...but it works....If you can't have a meal...try a ZONE or POWERBAR....

  • LIVE-IN the MOMENT - Don't worry about tomorrow or the future...just worry about today

  • DINE-IN - Cook at home - you eliminate lots of butter and you can control your portions...and if you can't..... opt for slimming options....."Hold the mayo"....order fruit or yogurt instead of french fries....don't pour on the salad dressing....just dip your fork in the dressing and then get your salad on the fork....

  • DON'T just use the scale as your SCALE - Use how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, and just your overall health for your measurement if you don't see your weight changing on the scale.

  • MONITOR YOURSELF REGULARLY - Some people weigh every week....just to keep on track

  • STOP MINDLESS EATING - Eat just when you are sitting down - DON'T GRAZE

  • SET an EXERCISE MINIMUM - I just read about this one....but I LIKE IT - When you start, tell yourself, no matter what, I had to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, four days a week. (or whatever makes it work with you) Once you meet that goal, you will probably want to do more.

  • KEEP A WELL STOCKED KITCHEN - With healthy snacks such as WHEAT BREAD (if you don't want to use the ESEKIAL bread, then make sure that you find wheat bread that doesn't use the word "ENRICHED" in the ingredients) YOGURT, GRANOLA BARS, PROTEIN BARS, SUGAR-FREE PUDDING, STRING CHEESE, and NUTS

  • FIND A PARTNER - Whether it is a friend or spouse, it makes it easier to accomplish your goals if you have someone to hold you accountable. I know since Toby has started eating better, it sure makes me keep to my guns. If you don't have a partner....consider this blog and myself your partner.....I will make you accountable....

Do you have anything that helps you STICK WITH IT?

Kick your butt - Playlist

I noticed a lot of members and people getting IPOD's for I did some research on GREAT WORKOUT SONGS....

Running -

  • "The Shock of the Lightning" - Oasis

  • "Forever" - Chris Brown

  • "My Apocalypse" - Metallica

  • "Damaged" - Danity Cane

  • "Boots of Chinese Plastic" - The Pretenders

  • "Womanizer" - Britney Spears

  • "Disturbia" - Rihanna

  • "I Don't Care" - Fall out Boy

  • "The Right Life" - Seal

  • "Gettin' Up" - Q-tip

  • "Feedback" - Janet Jackson

What are your TOP 2 songs on your playlist?

Bring in the NEW YOU

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Your WINTER Weather WORKOUT Plan

Our bodies know that cardio is good for us......but it is another story when it comes to our minds....A simple way to keep your mind and body on the same page and BLAST Calories.....





Hit the treadmill, bike, or elyptical

Warm-up----- 0%---- 3.5-------- 5
Slow Jog------ 1%--- 4.5-5 -------5
Walk ---------0%---- 3.5--------- 1
Moderate Jog -2%--- 5.-6. --------4
Walk ----------0% ---3.5 ---------1
Run----------- 3% --5.5 - 6.5 -----3
Walk---------- 0%--- 3.5 ---------1
Run----------- 4%-- 6. - 7. --------2
Walk ----------0% ---3.5----------1
Run---------- 4-5% --6.5 - 7.5---- 1
Cool Down -----0% ---3.5--------- 6

total 30 mins

PRODUCT of the DAY that makes FITNESS or HEALTH easier!!!

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And always.....DRINKS LOTS OF WATER.....

Send me your Goals....

When you write down your are more likely to stick with it....and the more people that know about it.....the more you will feel accountable.....

Post your New LIFE Resolution....and keep up up to date on your progress....

A new way to help my clients.....

I started this blog to help my clients. There is alot of ways to use this blog. You can use it to ask questions, get answers, and just keep informed on the newest and best ways to get healthy.

Many of you might start off this year in hopes of losing weight....but don't just hope make it happen. Change your life....don't just say you are.....JUST DO IT....

It comes with working out....changing your eating habits.....and taking care of yourself....

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Healthy Tips - you HAVE to eat to LOSE weight

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