In a perfect world, we would have all the time we need AND would have a choice of healthy foods at your fingertips that are convenient. Well, if you are like me I DO NOT have lots of time to prepare meals and not everything that is convenient is good for us. This verse makes me think and rethink what I am doing to help keep my family and friends both healthy and happy.

Here at some tips to help make a healthy lunch.
Choice a day during the week to prepare your lunches ahead of time and store in the freezer or frig. Some ideas are:
- Cook some chicken breasts on the grill or oven and slice or store whole. You can use these on sandwiches, salads, or in low fat wraps.
- Make extra when you cook meals and store the extra for times that you don’t have as much time. For example, I like to cook extra spaghetti meat sauce and store it.

Make your meals a day ahead. Pre-pack your lunch while cleaning up dinner dishes or regrouping for the next day. You will also feel so relieved the next day with your lunch planned and ready to go. I recommend you storing in glass when possible. That way it is safe to reheat without transferring food to another dish. DO NOT reheat food in the microwave in plastic containers.

Meal replacement bars are also a healthy and fast option. I carry one in my purse or car, so if I come out of a late meeting or in the car, I will grab it instead of stopping at fast food restaurant and eat something that I will regret. Again, my favorites are ISAGENIX, Luna, and Clif energy bars.

Fun, easy, and creamy Protein shakes are such a great option for anytime of the day. I prefer mine with frozen fruit, fresh fruit, or even peanut butter. You can blend them up at work and it will keep you fulfilled the entire afternoon. My favorite and it will be yours, is either a Chocolate or Vanilla ISAGENIX shake.

Pre-cut and pre-wash you veggies and fruit. You can use this as a healthy addition.

And if you have to use sandwiches as your option here are some guaranteed tips to keep you on your pathway to health.
- Try to use fresh meat. Stay away from processed sandwich meat
- Use mustard instead of mayo
- Use 2% cheese if you must have cheese
- WHOLE WHEAT BREAD – Ezekiel bread is the best idea
- Load up with TONS of VEGGIES – it will make you feel like you are eating more – I DARE you to try a VEGGIE sandwich from SUBWAY – You will be surprised how much you will like it
- Add a side of fruit salad instead of chips or at least BAKED chips

Your challenge for this month is simple…take one week at a time…choice one of the above and use that option the entire week. For example, pre-make your lunch(es) the night before for the entire week. That also is a great idea for the entire family. If that option doesn’t work for you try another one. If it is does work, keep using that same choice and add another one. Keep building on it and it will become a habit and a way of life.

Email me at with any questions or add me on FACEBOOK. I want to know how your challenges are going.


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