No MORE excuses - YES YOU CAN!

No MORE excuses –

We have all said…..

”I don’t have time....... to workout….. cook a meal….. and take care of myself..”

But YES you do….

Here are a couple tips on making time for you, your health, and your workout. Check out these surprisingly, totally doable, time-saving strategies.... If you put these in your life, you can nearly create that hour (or 30 minutes) of free time to devote to your NEW fitness or personal healthy goals.

1. Downsize your TO-DO list - Make a list of 5 (just 5) MUST accomplish list. Your list should fit on a large post-it note....try even to plan your week with a to-do list…Some days might have less so you can spread some out.

2. Get off the phone - don't spend all your free time catching up with your friends.....or if you have while you are picking up the kids....and other times...Bluetooth has become my friend…I make business and personal calls while I am on the road. It is a
safe and great way to use those “hours” in the car that we all have.

3. Maximize your weekends - a lot of people take off the weekend from the gym and your healthy habits.....(you can...but make sure that you do not forget how hard it is to regain what you might have lost during those few days)....
Weekends are usually not as full of MUST GO'S and DO's. You can also put your exercise into good work around the house and/or yard. Go to the park with the kids....Cook some healthy meals for the upcoming week. Also, use the weekends to get some much needed rest.

Enjoy the time that you have with your family and friends…but don’t forget about YOU!

4. Monitor your EMAIL and (FACEBOOK) time - pick a couple times in the morning, afternoon, and night to check your email....(about 5 email checks a day) You should be able to free up 15 minutes... Facebook and email has become an important way to communicate now. I, myself, find that I spend way too much time on it….So I try very hard to spend as little time on it as possible.

5. Give yourself a Takeout PASS - many of us stress about "What's for Dinner?" and just skip the gym and go to the store....Give yourself a pass for 1 night a week to eat out....but don't eat JUNK. Try your local stores that offer healthy take-home and cook casseroles or other family friendly meals. Also, I am a huge fan of $5 foot-long SUBWAYS.

6. Research as shown that people that make time for their workout in the morning.....

will sleep as much as those who don't....

set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier

than you normally should get that same amount of sleep if you didn't.....(and you quality of sleep is even better) It also increases your metabolism and gives you some “PEP” to your step. I love how I feel when I wake up early…have my workout in....before the family is up. My family time is precious, so I schedule my workouts when they are sleeping and do not even know I am gone. Also, I won’t make excuses during the day to miss a workout. Use the morning or your workout time to honor you. You have to take care of yourself.

7. Have a are more likely to exercise if you have planned ahead and designated a time for fitness. Meet a friend, plan it around your kids activities, or even your favorite TV show.....Book in advance, and you'll be more likely to make it happen. Set your clothes out....or pack them to take them with you to work.....

8. MAKE TIME FOR PRAYER and REFLECTION …. When you make time for HIM, he will make time for you. Use your time cooking a meal, working out, riding in the car, or etc. to meditate, pray, listen to Christian music or bible studies, read the Bible or other motivation pieces….

If you have any other tips....share with us....

You can do all things….when HE is the focus of your life.

He wants a STRONG, HEALTHY Christian to help HIM spread HIS word.

HE needs YOU….so HE can LIVE through YOU…


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