STICK to your workout

We all know that it is hard to find the time for a workout (or atleast) make time.... Here are some Tips that will help you STICK to YOUR WORKOUT.....

rise to the occasion - a couple days a week....get up an hour earlier than you would and workout. Many of you will wait to after work and there are so many more excuses after work. (need to cook, need to take the kids somewhere, feel guilty leaving my family.....and of course.....I AM TIRED)

keep a log - if you keep a log you are more likely to see you accomplishments and if you put an "x" on the days that you don't work are more able to keep up with the "LAZY DAYS"...

bribe yourself - set maybe a goal...and give yourself a reward for meeting a new piece of clothing....a training session......

dress the part - everyone knows that you feel better about yourself when you are "dressed up" and that goes with workouts too.... I encourage you to purchase a nice outfit when you start out....and when you meet your goal....add a new piece of fitness clothing.....and by a couple of months (or weeks) you will have a complete workout ensemble....

buddy up - it is always easier to work out with a group or a buddy....someone to keep you accountable...I was reading an article lately....two friends had a fitness jar....and if one of the partners missed a workout they had to put $5 in the jar for the other person...and when they missed 4 workouts ($20) they had to purchase a gift or lunch for the other person...and vice versa....(thought it was a great idea)

keep your ipod fresh - some people can't workout without their ipods.....(my husband) and he has to change up his playlist ALOT....there is nothing like a new song to get you motivated

shake things up - change up your workout......try a different program on the machines....try a group (aerobic) class, change up your strength training regimen....not only will it make you more excited since you have something new....but your muscles and body will be excited and they will perform better for you...and you will see the results....mind and body


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