You have TIME.....MAKE time....

LUNCH TIME (quick workout)

I have a workout that takes only 18 minutes......cardio and for those days that you say you DON'T have time....MAKE TIME.......

Cardio Mini's
1 min - 4.0 mph
2 min - 5.0 mph
3 min - 4.0 mph
4 min - 6.0 mph
5 min - 4.0 mph
6 min - 7.0 mph
7 min - 4.0 mph
8 min - 6.0 mph
9 min - 4.0 mph
10 min - 5.0 mph

(calories burned = 77)

If you are just starting out minus 1mph (-1) and if you are advanced add 1mph (+1).

Strength training
(use 5-10 lb dumbbells)
V-lifts (lay on your back and do 20) then lay on your stomach and do 20)

squats - 30
chest press - 30 (or you can use the machine while holding your legs off the ground)
wall squat - 15 (sit against the wall while your hands out out front of you)

Bicep curl - 30 (do them slow)
tricep kickbacks - 30
side lunges - 15 each side - (pick up legs to the side ... like you are taking a big step....and then lunge down)

wide row - 15 (you can lay on the exercise balls and then drive elbows up and out to the sides to bring weights near armpits...pause 1 count)
single-leg bridge - 15 on each side

You can do this during your lunch break or while you wait to pick the kids and take them to the next activity....
I don't suggest that you do this workout is for the days that you don't have time for a complete workout. For best results....I suggest at least 3-5 days of 30 minutes of cardio and at least 2-3 days of strength training.....


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