If you have ever had a training session with me or read any weight training article, you will have heard me say.....


When you lift slower you are working more muscles...For example, you are doing a bicep curl.....if you focus and work slow....when you release you are working on triceps...and then working on your biceps......WOW...working 2 muscle groups with 1 exercise....

A Wayne Sate University study found that taking 3 seconds to lower a heavy weight can boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours after you lift. The reason is......Performing the negative portion of an exercise slowly causes greater muscle damage, and the repair process may elevate your resting metabolism, according to the researchers. In the study, the participants lifted heavy weights, lowering them for a full 3 seconds, for 6 repetitions.

Another reason to lift.....I encourage everyone to lift weights. It is good for your overall health. You will be amazed how it changes your body LOOKS.

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Amanda KP said...

interesting!! thanks for the tip!!!

have a great weekend!!

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