product of the week - Banana - Fudge Sugar FREE pudding

This is my saving grace....thank you for this wonderful snack.... I love pudding and it actually fills you up.... My favorite new flavor is....


It takes pretty much like a banana split but without all those calories and fat.....

A snack has ONLY 60 calories, 1 g fat, 1 g protein.... (regular pudding has 110 calories...)

THIS HAS A GREAT TASTE....and I love it. You can also add fresh strawberries, bananas, and much much more low calorie ingredients to make it your own.

(for our Childress bloggers - I can only find this at the local Wal-mart)


Belinda said...

There are a bunch of other flavors I found yesterday at Wal-Mart in the cold section by the yogurt. We also by the regular sugarfee Jello. It has 5 calories.It's not too bad.

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