We love PEPPERONI at our house.....but have you seen the FAT Grams and CALORIES


Like always, I am trying to find more healthy alternatives....

It has 70% less fat....and it tastes great...and not as much grease....

Let's compare Turkey Pepperoni to Regular Pepperoni

Let 's just say TURKEY has 3g fat and Regular Pepperoni has 13g fat ! WOW

I just wished Pizza Hut would use this on their NATURAL PIZZA...(which by the way is great)


a cowgirl at heart said...

I bought Turkey Pepperoni the other day for a Christmas party we were going to. I just used it like meat on a meat/cheese/crackers tray and it was awesome! In fact, it was the only thing that was completely gone when we got ready to leave! It is a great snack, too!

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