Some helpful tips.....NO MORE EXCUSES

Face it......Everyone's life is busy....if it is with your kids, family, work, church, friends....everyone wants and needs you....But it is time to make the time for you.....

Some of our readers aren't lucky enough to have F3 in their communities...LOL....but we all can use the following tips....

I have heard these excuses...and I have used them myself from time - to - time... So hear it goes...

EXCUSE - "I feel guilty leaving my family at the house while I workout!"

ANSWER - bring them with you....F3 has childcare....but you can also take them to the park while you it when you put the kids down for bed....come early in the morning while they are sleeping....

EXCUSE - "I am too busy!"

ANSWER - HONESTLY we are all TOO busy... Make the time... Come straight after work...Bring your workout clothes with you, so you don't have a reason to go to the house and THEN STAY. or come right after you drop off the kids for school.... and who's to say you have to work out for an hour...

EXCUSE - "I have somewhere to go after work and I don't want to have to go and get ready again!"

ANSWER - Don't get sweaty... Bring your tennis shoes and just walk...something is better than nothing. Come and do your weight training....You don't have to sweat and even if you might sweat a little....bring a shirt to change in to.

EXCUSE - "I have to go home and cook dinner."

ANSWER - Put something in the crockpot or oven and leave. You can't imagine the recipes out there for something that is good and healthy...and you don't have much preparation. Look at the recipes we have on the website.

EXCUSE - "I had a hard day at work, school or even with the kids...and I just want to go home"

ANSWER - EXERCISE is a natural de-stresser...and you can't imagine how much better you will feel about you and your day after you come and workout

EXCUSE - "The weather isn't nice"

ANSWER - Again, not everyone is lucky enough to have F3 (LOL) but there are plenty of things you can do....CLEAN HOUSE (vacuum) PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS.... anything than sitting on the couch...(unless you are watching BIGGEST LOSER)

EXCUSE - "I don't know where to start"

ANSWER - JUST START.... Ask questions.... Use the internet.... Check out this blog (and other fitness websites)..... Hire a personal trainer....

It is only natural to have THOSE days....that you don't feel like doing anything.... But don't let THOSE days turn into your FUTURE....and your life...


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