Product of the Week - ZONE BARS

Many of you might have had me tell you to.....


but it is so important. It is one if not the most important thing to losing weight, maintaining weight, or just to a healthy lifestyle. When I say BREAKFAST, that doesn't mean coffee with cream and sugar....or a donut....but it means a healthy, filling meal that will get you through the morning. I know we are all looking for quick and easy thing to grab on the go....especially in the morning. One thing that has saved my husband and I are ZONE BARS.

They are actually really tasty and they will satisfy your hunger for the morning. They are pretty low in fat....and not too many calories. (remember you have to have calories to burn energy) They also can be used as a sweet snack when you are craving something SWEET. I suggest halfing it first and then eat it with a big glass of WATER. Wait for a while....and if you are still hungry...have the first....(They also have snack size)

You can find these bars at most stores. They come in many delicious flavors. I will honestly say that I haven't tried one that I haven't liked. My favorite(s) though is....Caramel Cluster and Coconut Crunch....Ashley's favorite is Chocolate Graham.....and my husband's favorite is Chocolate Mint...(it does taste like a pretty good THIN MINT)...

We will have a couple samples at the gym for you to take and try. We also sell them for a $1 so if you are needing a pick-me-up before or after your workout....we have you covered.

Let us know know what you think....and tell us your favorite flavor?


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